I woke with a start.  The red neon numbers glared 2:00am on my clock. Staring at the ceiling fan silently turning above my head, my mind began to wander.  We had recently started our family business and as the marketer I was driven to making Arthur D. levy & Co. a household name.  New ideas popped into my head, thoughts of new marketing campaigns filtered through my brain.  Get out of your head, get out of your head, listen to your breath I told myself….but my thoughts were in control.

I turned and looked at my husband who was snoring lightly.  He was in a deep sleep.  I didn’t want to disturb his peacefulness, but my anxiety got the better of me.  I nudged him gently, and whispered, “Arty, Arty, wake up!  I have a great idea.”  I nudged him again, only this time with more fervor.  Slowly he turned, blinking his eyes, he reached out with open arms.  His lips were puckered.  Looking at him I quickly sat up put my hand across his mouth and said, “not now,  I have a great idea for a new marketing campaign!”  Not totally awake He continued to reach out for me.   I pulled away and continued to talk.  Opening his eyes, his face grimaced with disgust, turned his back to me and in a loud voice said, “business, business, business, is that all you ever think about?  Get a life!”

His words echoed in my ears.  My husband only wanted to make love and all I could think about was the business.

After years of counseling we established rules to help us separate the bedroom from the boardroom.  We continue to work together, respect one another and communicate about the business only during office hours…..and it works to maintain a healthy relationship while growing the family business.





Till next time…..keep on dancin’!