My apologies for not blogging for some time, but there have been many changes in my life. The transition of my business and personal life from Connecticut to Florida took much longer than anticipated and I want to share my story with you.

One year and a half ago we moved to Florida. Arty had said we would never move to Florida but after 2 years of destructive hurricanes; Irene & Sandy, and blizzards, snowstorms and below zero temperatures he said to me, “we’re out of here!” I looked at him in disbelief but knew he meant it! Within 6 months, our bags packed, moving truck en route, we were on the road to our new home in The Villages, Florida.

Transitioning is a test and takes resilience. Adapting to our new home took longer then expected. We were surrounded by golf courses and many recreation facilities high made it difficult to decide what to do first; work or play? I explored many new opportunities and decided to take a clown workshop and became Rosie the Clown! I also learned to play golf, improve photography skills and even took classes on how to play the ukulele. Initially i felt as if I were on an extended vacation.

Yes, it was fun, yes, I was learning a lot of new things, but something was missing that kept me from a smooth transition. I had no purpose. I felt empty. I was not ready to just play, I missed networking, I missed building relationships and the friendships with other business owners and entrepreneurs.

After trying many new things including looking for a job of which I turned down 6, I realized I am a true entrepreneur. I love to work, I love the challenges and opportunities offered. I have a passion for family business owners and am focusing on meeting them. Having founded and owned the Family Business Council of Greater New York my mission is to help them thrive.

I’m Back to work and loving it. I joined the Ocala and the Leesburg Chambers of Commerce and also looking at the Mount Dora Chamber. I am attending “business after hours where I enjoy making new connections and meeting family business owners.

Be assured, it is not all all work and no play. Rosie is still clowning around, and I play the uke, bike ride, and play golf, among other things. My transition from the North to the South took time but was well worth the wait!

Till next time, “Keep on Dancin!”