Power vs Control


Winter in New England seems to go on and on and on and on. If its not 10 degrees then its snowing like hell or both. The plow guys will be driving Ferraris in the Spring.  My ongoing comment has been “if you don’t like the winter weather why are you living in New […]

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Separate The Bedroom From The Boardroom

I woke with a start.  The red neon numbers glared 2:00am on my clock. Staring at the ceiling fan silently turning above my head, my mind began to wander.  We had recently started our family business and as the marketer I was driven to making Arthur D. levy & Co. a household name.  New […]

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Is Anyone Out There?


I must have writer’s block.   I want to blog but I’m not sure what to write about and confused as to who is my audience.  While I think my past blogs have been informative, transparent, and enlightening, who in cyber space is reading them?  Is it the working women, stay at home moms, women […]

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Power vs Control

“It’s mine, it’s mine”, I recall one of the members of my organization, The Family Business Council of Greater   New  York tell me about an argument she had with her brother.  They were fighting over a stapler.  The stapler represented a toy they fought over when they were kids.  Power vs control?

This is one of many stories that typify conflicts in a family business.  Conflicts between siblings, conflicts between a husband and wife, conflicts between father’ and son, father and daughter – it doesn’t matter as it all comes down to the same thing; power vs control. […]

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