What’s Your Story?

I recently read an article about the power of story telling for your family business.  Prior to reading it I had never given this thought.  With family businesses being the backbone of our country – (90% of all businesses are family owned) there are many stories to be told.

I co-founded and was President of The Family Business Council a non profit educational resource member organization for family owned businesses.  During my 12 year tenure I heard many stories – stories of success and failure, hardships and recovery, each and every one was remarkable.

My husband and I also had a family business with 2 of our sons.  I decided to share my remarkable story as I wanted to leave a legacy for my children and grandchildren, thus wrote my award winning memoir, It’s Never Too Late To Dance, Life’s Journey To Empowerment, Change and Success.

We all struggle with life’s curve balls — it’s how we handle them that decide our future.  Read my story and be inspired – you too can reinvent yourself as I did.  I learned how to embrace my fears and take risks to fulfill my dreams and live the life I truly want.   Don’t be a victim, don’t hide under a dark cloud, life is meant to be lived — follow your passions and seek new adventures today – New doors will open for you as they have for me!


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What’s Your Story?


Till next time……..Keep on Dancin’!