Family Dynamics

From The Bedroom From The Boardroom


There are many stories to share when you work in a family business and I’d like to share a little bit about mine. I worked with my husband and two of my sons for 15 years. I loved everything about it as it was an extension of my family, only we now moved from […]

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Network, Network, Network!

Network, Network, Network


I love to network!

I was at LaGuardia Airport waiting for my daughter to arrive from Burlington, Vermont where she was a freshman at the University. Her flight was delayed and to kill time I decided to park myself at a bar close to the arrival gate.  Sitting down next to two gentlemen […]

Separate The Bedroom From The Boardroom

I woke with a start.  The red neon numbers glared 2:00am on my clock. Staring at the ceiling fan silently turning above my head, my mind began to wander.  We had recently started our family business and as the marketer I was driven to making Arthur D. levy & Co. a household name.  New […]

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What’s Your Story?

What’s Your Story?

I recently read an article about the power of story telling for your family business.  Prior to reading it I had never given this thought.  With family businesses being the backbone of our country – (90% of all businesses are family owned) there are many stories to be told.

I co-founded and was […]

Family Dynamics: Family vs. The Family Business

As women working with their families in business, we struggle with many issues. At any given moment we are wearing a different hat: the mom, the wife, the sister, the aunt, the grandmother.  Regardless of which hat we wear, the re-enactment of the family dynamics plays out in the family business whether we like it or not.

Having worked with my husband and two of my sons in our family business for more than 12 years, I became aware that the dynamics of my family played into the family business. Sometimes it was as if I were back home hearing to my son’s argue over a toy, or my husband trying to resolve their conflict. […]

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