Network, Network, Network


I love to network!

I was at LaGuardia Airport waiting for my daughter to arrive from Burlington, Vermont where she was a freshman at the University. Her flight was delayed and to kill time I decided to park myself at a bar close to the arrival gate.  Sitting down next to two gentlemen who were engaged in conversation, I noticed The New York Post on the counter between them.  “Excuse me,” I said, may I borrow the paper?”  They both looked at me and in unison, said, “of course.”  I never got to read the paper as we began to talk.    One of the gentlemen asked my profession.

“I am a partner with my husband in our accounting firm,”and before I had a chance to finish, he interrupted me and said,

“I hate accountants!” I looked at him and responded,

” No, no, You will love my husband, he’s not a typical accountant, he’s not a bean counter, he’s super creative!”

Shaking his head, he again told me he hates accountants, but softening his voice and with a smile said,

“I have a great lawyer.”I hesitated,

“Who is your lawyer?”

“Mitchell Levy, he’s amazing! I love him,” he said.   I couldn’t believe my ears,

“Mitchell Levy, that’s my son, I love him too!”

We looked at each other and laughed out loud.  I was still in disbelief. Not to lose any of the momentum, I told him if you love Mitchell Levy, you’ll love my husband – “like father, like son!”

We exchanged numbers and shook hands. Two weeks later, my new found friend became our new found client!

I love to network!


Till next time…..


Keep on dancin’!