Rosie the Clown

Ms. Levy, aka Rosie the Clown, attended the Life Long Learning College in Florida where she learned the art of clowning; thus creating Rosie.

Rosie has a passion for clowning and loves making people smile.  She believes the key to being funny and making people happy is to be yourself, be down to earth and relate to everyone. She gets all of her ideas by being real and true to herself.

Rosie believes clowning reflects the joy in humanity.  She uses her own humor, joy, wonder and delight which echoes in the laughter of all of her audiences. She never gets tired of making people happy. Rosie has entertained at schools, birthday parties, assisted living facilities, hospitals and fundraisers and has marched in parades – walking around greeting onlookers with her comedic entertainment. Since moving to Bloomington, Indiana in October 2017, Rosie entertained at an IU Halloween party for the Family Student Council and at an IU Meet and Greet for the Apartment Family Student Council.  She also participated in the Holiday Hike for Downtown Bloomington during the Holidays and performed at AsaBela Wings, plus much more; including the B-Town Boom, The Bicentennial Street Fair & Festival, The Easter Egg Hunt, July 4thParade, carnivals, holiday parties, and special events. You can call Rosie at 917-744-3660 or view her website at For more Rosie entertainment, be sure to like her on Facebook