Do You Want To Maximize Your Tax Refund?

Do You Want to Know What Triggers a Tax Audit?

If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, then let us help you!

Arthur Levy is a CPA and has helped hundreds of individuals and business owners prepare their taxes.  He has long-standing relationships and gives personalized service.

We know many of you dislike the tax preparation process….filling out forms, organizing documents, searching for receipts….but this is a process that must be done.

To relieve your anxiety and help remove your stress we are giving you the following tips:

“Top 10 Mistakes that Cost You Money When Tax Planning”

  1. Not planning your strategy
  2. Not maximizing your retirement plans
  3. Being disorganized
  4. Excess concern about the IRS & audits
  5. If you self-employed, paying too much SE tax
  6. Not planning to maximize deductions
  7. Not actively managing your retirement accounts
  8. Not using all retirement plans available to you
  9. Not considering a Roth IRA
  10. Not using a tax professional

If you are uncertain about the recent tax changes or what the new rules are and how they might affect you, we can help. 

Email: today for a free consultation to review your situation and how we can make tax season painless, giving you more time and money to enjoy life.