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Analyzing Your Food Cost

Analyzing Your Food Cost
Your restaurant is busier than ever, the service is impeccable and the food is superb.  If that’s the case why aren’t you making more money?

Have you checked your food cost lately?  The key to the success of any restaurant is your food cost as it directly impacts your profitability.  Generally, a […]

Marketing Plan Ingredients

Marketing Plan Ingredients
I am a marketer. Working in NYC with my husband and sons I grew our accounting consulting practice using my pragmatic marketing skills.  Through my outreach I branded our company.  This resulted in selling our business in 12 short years to what is now one of the largest accounting consulting businesses in […]

Communication & The Talking Stick

Communication & The Talking Stick!
Have you ever given thought as to how you communicate?  Do you think before you talk or do your emotions get the better of you causing you to talk before you think?  
Our process of communicating goes back to when we were young – how we were taught, what we observed […]

The Art of Listening

The Art of Listening
Through the years I have worked with many small businesses.  In fact, I became known as the “entrepreneurs” accountant/consultant who put out “fires!”.   By that I mean how to overcome the daily challenges of running their business.  Entrepreneurs tend to shoot from the hip, run their business through their checkbook, increase […]

Budget For Your Business

Budget For Your Business
Many small business owners are usually so busy running the daily operation of their business that budgeting and managing finances are put on the back burner. Regardless of how small the business, budgeting is key and a working budget should be drafted in order to have good financial management.  Businesses that […]

Settling Disputes Efficiently

The mediation procedure is cost efficient and at the same time it provides the parties with information with which the participants can better determine what the business is worth. Financial position, the value of assets, realistic projections, a working business plan and a workable marketing budget are among the items needed to […]

Maximizing Profitability

When food costs increase many restaurateurs feel the squeeze.  Regardless, there are ways to still maximize profitability in your restaurant. Restaurants that have a more flexible business model can adapt and implement some unique strategies to fight the rising food costs and continue to maximize their profits.

Promote Limited Time Offers
By creating specials around low […]

Serving Up Trends

Serving Up Trends
The Roart Group invites you to our first
Connecticut Hospitality Roundtable.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013
8:30am Registration
9-10am Program
597 Westport Ave, Norwalk, Ct.
Business Center (next to Pepperidge Farm)

Facilitated by

Gary P. Levy, CPA
Hospitality Industry Practice Leader
A nationally know expert in the hospitality industry, Mr Levy will address the latest trends and how you can benefit
from the […]

Strategies For Conflict Resolution

Strategies for Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution skills are key to maintaining relationships in the family and the family business. Family feuds can often cause irreparable damage to both the business and the family.  Some of the more common family business conflicts are:
            Management Roles
            Ownership Percentages
            Business Goals
            Recognition of contributions to results

How to […]

Powerful Marketing Strategies

Powerful Marketing Strategies
Understanding your customer’s needs is the essence of marketing followed by developing a plan around those needs. The most effective way to grow and expand your business is by focusing on organic growth.  There are a number of ways to increase your organic growth.  They include the following:
            Acquiring more customers
            Persuading […]