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Guidelines For Good Customer Service

Guidelines For Good
Customer Service
It is mind boggling how frequently owners and managers misunderstand the importance of good customer service.  Running a restaurant and making money is tough enough yet without good customer service your restaurant is on a fast track to fail.  In many cases restaurants start out strong, make a great name for […]

Grow Your Family Business Through Good Customer Service

Grow Your Family Business Through
Good Customer Service
Family businesses are sewn into the very fabric of the USA and have roots that stretch back to the beginning of the 20th century. Regardless of the challenges faced by families working together, good customer service is key to success and longevity.  Stats tell us that only 5% […]

Customer Service For Small Business

Customer Service For Small Business

Customer service is key for any business, but for small businesses it can be critical for survival.  Having a smaller client/customer base than a big business, the loss of even a few customers/clients can be devastating.  Recognizing it’s importance, implementing a good customer service program must be done and does […]

Upselling Techniques

Upselling Techniques
There are many opportunities for upselling in your restaurant.  Not taking advantage of these opportunities can cost you a lot of money. It is important your wait-staff is trained on how to capitalize on these opportunities, as it will increase sales — thus your bottom line.  This along with good management can […]

Sales Training That Assures Results

Sales Training That Assures Results
If your idea of sales training is giving everyone, including new recruits, a copy of Zig Ziglar’s book, The Secret’s of Closing the Sale, think again.  By identifying the strengths of and weaknesses of your business, your family, and your professional team there are other innovative approaches that work […]

Sales Management Mistakes

Sales Management Mistakes
Building a small business is hard work.  Sales management is often overlooked.  In order to provide effective sales management, you must take responsibility for the hiring and building of your sales team.  Spending the necessary time to be the sales manager will help build a rewarding culture and grow a successful […]

Creative Compensation Strategies

We are well aware you have a full plate with owning and operating your restaurant, but employee compensation is key to maintaining loyal employees.  Traditionally, the model has been to pay your kitchen staff by the hour and your wait-staff makes their money on tips.  But in order to not have high turnover the […]

Compensation For Family Members in a Family Business

 Compensation For Family Members
In A Family Business
“That’s not fair, daddy always gave him/her more,” are cries that permeate a family business. The early quest for being treated fairly between siblings is at the heart of how to compensate. Whether you like it or not, the amount of time and resources given by parents and […]

How To Determine An Employee’s Salary

How To Determine An
Employee’s Salary
In many instances, it is more difficult knowing how much to pay an employee than pricing your company’s services or products.  There are few rules on how to make the best decision.  Salaries rise and fall depending on industry conventions, seniority, geography and the job market.  You must set a […]

Setting Goals – A Toast To Your Success

Setting Goals
A “Toast” To Your Success!
The hospitality industry is filled with all kinds of restaurants.  From fast food franchises, to a coffee house, a deli, a bistro, a tavern, or upscale the opening, operating, and running any kind of restaurant can be complex.  In order to stay focused and on track setting goals is […]