Powerful Marketing Strategies

Understanding your customer’s needs is the essence of marketing followed by developing a plan around those needs. The most effective way to grow and expand your business is by focusing on organic growth.  There are a number of ways to increase your organic growth.  They include the following:

            Acquiring more customers

            Persuading every customer to buy more

            Upselling each customer

            Persuading every customer to buy more profitable products

These four different ways will increase your revenue and profit.  But most important is to focus first on acquiring more customers. 

How To Use Marketing to Acquire More Customers

            Create a strategic marketing plan

            Create awareness of your product/services  and promote to your target market

            Price your products and services competitively

            Develop you message and materials based on solution marketing

Target Market

Target marketing is key when it comes to your customers.  By taking the time to pitch your efforts to your niche market you will be more productive.  Only a certain amount of the population is likely to buy from you.

Target your social networking too ie; Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Small Biz Marketing

As a small biz owner you marketing budget is probably limited.  The best way to market a small biz is to create a good program that combines sales with marketing strategies.  Small businesses must be more creative to keep within a limited budget.

Your marketing campaign can be launched by doing one of the following:

Cross-market with vendors or like-minded businesses

Create a referral program – use incentives

Use free publicity ie; online publications & send press releases to local publications

Plan an event and invite people to your place of business or partner with a charity

Create a way to track your marketing efforts.  This can be done by coding ads, using toll free numbers and asking prospects where they heard about you.  When one is not working it can be replaced with another method.

Getting Started

Be diligent in your marketing. Create an easy strategy and make yourself accountable to contact ten customers or prospects daily — this can be done 5 days a week.  You will soon see your business grow at an exceptional rate.  And the best part is you can have a high impact with low cost promotion!