Marketing Plan Ingredients

I am a marketer. Working in NYC with my husband and sons I grew our accounting consulting practice using my pragmatic marketing skills.  Through my outreach I branded our company.  This resulted in selling our business in 12 short years to what is now one of the largest accounting consulting businesses in the country.

You might ask….how?  What were my marketing ingredients?  I used marketing strategies from my a marketing program I developed,  “high impact, low cost promotion” and teach other business owners how to do the same.

There are many “how to” books on marketing and each one offers different elements of a marketing plan, but my plan is common sense.   Marketing and creating awareness for you business is about creating quality relationships – knowing your centers of influence and where to find them.

My plan encompasses some of the following:

First define your target market – Once you have clarity on your primary and secondary markets develop your action plan.

Join organizations – Chambers of commerce, industry specific associations, and become active.

Join social networks -LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and send updates to your targeted markets daily.

Understanding your marketplace, market trends, your competitors, the types of customers you sell to or want to sell to, all come into play.  You must be clear and focus. Include a SWOT analysis – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as ingredients in your marketing plan. 

Network, network, network is the key to creating visibility and branding your business.  Starting with these few strategies will begin to create the buzz about your business and assures you of attracting new customers while keeping your existing customers satisfied. 

These are some of the ingredients in my marketing plan.  Follow in my footsteps and watch your business grow.  It works! 

Stay tuned for more ingredients next month.