Through many years of owning and running several businesses, I learned the key to being a good employer and leader was to relate to people.  Though helpful, all the books and manuals did not teach me the skills needed to lead my team.  However if you learn how to manage relationships you will be a successful leader.

The world is starved for good leaders and there is no reason why you can’t be one.  To help improve your ability to lead I am listing some guidelines, but understand it might take some time to master the process.  Be patient, work through your mistakes, don’t give up and you will become the successful leader you have longed for.

  1.  Don’t Criticize – criticism demoralizes and demotivates – use mistakes as an opportunity to improve and focus on the positive.
  2.  Give Praise When Deserved – with positive reinforcement people are more apt to repeat a good behavior.
  3.  Be Honest, Sincere & Appreciative – everyone wants to be recognized and feel important. Honesty, sincerity and appreciation are some of the  best motivators you can use.
  4.  Encourage Good Communication & Be A Good Listener – People love to talk and want to be heard – offer opportunities for them to speak and really listen, and by repeating what is said, it will force you to listen.  This reinforces a respect.
  5. Be Genuine – it’s human nature for people to focus on themselves.  The social media world and “selfies” attest to that. Make an effort and express interest and you will be rewarded.
  6.  Be Respectful Of Other Ideas – Understanding another point of view or opinion helps to solidify a relationship and build trust.
  7.  Admit If You Are Wrong – None of us are perfect, nor are we always right.   Develop humility and own up to your own mistakes.  Apologies and acknowledgement will get you respect from those who work with you.
  8.  Set The Bar High – Believe in your team, communicate your message and tell them they can achieve anything they set their mind to.

A great leader will serve those they choose to lead, but in order to have the power, prestige and pay of a successful leader you must learn the skills.  A great leader inspires and guides people toward a common goal that will benefit all.   Build your team, give them praise, and reward them for their success.  I learned long ago from a friend who said, “Be the leader that you would want to lead you.”

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