Small Business Marketing Tips For The Holiday

In order to launch a profitable marketing campaign this holiday season, it’s important to begin your marketing now.  Develop your planning, roll it out, and you will maximize your profits this holiday season. Use these following tips as your guide. 

1. Repetition – repetition sells, so market frequently by sending multiple emails, direct mailers or holiday cards announcing your special offers.

2. Limited time offers – create limited time offers to encourage your customers to buy now.

3. Promote what makes you unique – What do you have that the Big Box stores don’t?  As a small business, emphasize quality, experience and service if you can’t compete on pricing.  Most people love good customer service and do not mind paying more for good quality.

4. Use posters/flyers – use posters and flyers to promote your specials especially if you are located in a high traffic area.

5. Direct mail – consider sending direct mailers with coupons to get customers to your website or store.

6. Specialty products – concentrate on promoting your specialty products or services to your targeted markets.

7. Incentives – introduce incentives, such as a drawing for a prize with every purchase.

8. Multiple sales – encourage multiple sales by offering loyalty/reward cards or referral cards for discounts.

9.  Special event – hold a special holiday event ie; celebrate the holidays with us offering holiday treats and have a holiday drawing for a giveaway.

10. Blog – feature your holiday specials in your blogs and reinforce why it’s better to buy from you rather than your competitors.

11. Giveaways – consider giving away a holiday item with your name imprinted ie; a magnet, picture frame etc.

12. Cross market – partner with a local restaurant – cross link on your website and have promo material/tent cards that promote your company to their customers.

Get your holiday marketing in high gear and not only will you maximize your profits, but you will find you have more time to enjoy with friends and family.

Happy holiday from all of us at The Roart Group