Drive Profits Through Holiday Menus

The holiday season is a great time to design and offer specialty menus for the harried shopper and those wanting to celebrate the holidays with friends and family.  You can also promote holiday parties and have the chef develop some new seasonal favorites to draw in a crowd.

Whether you have an award winning fine dining restaurant, a down home BBQ or a neighborhood tavern, promoting holiday specials can increase your revenue.

This time of year is an excellent way to offer incentives to attract customers.  Keeping in the spirit of the holidays consider offering tasting menus, wine specials or even holiday desserts.  It can increase traffic and bring in new customers that will return in the new year.  This will generate excitement among regular customers too.

According to the National Restaurant Association, Mother’s Day is the most popular dining out day, second most popular is Valentines Day with the Christmas season combined with Thanksgiving and New Year following right behind.  Super Bowl is a favorite for catering and take out.  Each of these holidays are times to offer something new and different and capitalize from it.

Many pubs and taverns see spikes during holidays especially the night before as those who return home for family parties and gatherings want to catch up with old friends at this time.

December can be lucrative for many restaurants if done right.  And for you savvy restaurateurs, it is a critical time to take advantage of not only this season, but all of the holidays and rake in profits.  Substantial gains can be made from marketing special menus, holiday parties and bar and wine promotions.   This can offset the slow and lean months.  Look at all opportunities, plan out the year and begin your promotions today!

Happy holiday from all of us at The Roart Group