One of my friends recently decided to take an examination to qualify for a professional license. While he had been practicing for many years legally without the license he felt it would help his credibility by passing the test. He took the test with little preparation assuming his knowledge and experience would get him through. It didn’t happen and he failed.

We were talking about his failure and , following one of the resolutions from my previous blog, looked for some positives in the failure and disappointment. The first reaction was that you can’t assume ( you all know what assume means—if you don’t email me for an explanation) that you can pass any test without preparation. Clearly making the effort to study could have made a difference.

My friend’s reaction was “sometimes when you leap you fail but if you don’t try you end up wondering what might have been”. The major benefit of failing is that now he has to study and as a result will learn what he didn’t know and add more skill to his resume. As a result, the failure will make him better.

One thing is clear. No one should be defined by failure and clearly my friend is not being defined by his failure. We all can recover from a bad experience. Those of you who have been following me know I’ve been bitching about my sports teams, the Giants, Mets & Knicks. They have played poorly and have had losing seasons. However remember the mantra of all loyal fans “wait ’till next year”.

For those of you waiting for my latest movie reviews please wait a little longer. I saw Mr Banks which was good & Emma Thompson gives an Academy Award performance. Been busy with football playoffs & haven’t had time for movies.


Stay tuned & stay warm.