As we approach the obvious beginning of 2014 people everywhere are making all sorts of promises to themselves, commonly called New Year resolutions. Lose weight, save money, be a better person (whatever that means) , be more loving, be nicer, get a better job; the choices are infinite and since the commitment is primarily to oneself, it’s easy to ignore or greatly modify shortly after breaking it.

With all that said I thought of what I could actually accomplish that would change something or someone, other than just myself. As I slowly start to learn about the “yoga world”, helped by my wife, daughter (I still find it hard to believe she didn’t talk for a week) & son in law, their positive, non critical, non opinionated way of thinking and expressing themselves seemed to me to be something I could try to accomplish which just might benefit not only me but the people in my life.

Last night I started a dialogue with a friend who had planned to go to India for a while & ended up visiting India, Thailand, Cambodia, a couple of European countries & god know where else. He returned after 6 months looking better than ever and with wonderful stories of his adventures in seeking to change and understand his life. With his permission there will be more in future blogs.

I, like most of us, have always been quick to comment, usually critically, about my kids (but never my grand kids), their mates, the a–hole who cut me off or drives too slowly and others who cross my path in the course of a normal day.

Of course I will still opine on my sports teams—-not good & not much hope, movies—-go see American Hustle for great acting by Christian Bale & 2 talented, beautiful women, Dallas Buyers Club, Nebraska, Philomena, Her & Capt Phillips. Skip Wolf of Wall Street (unless you must see DeCaprio or love lots of t & a, drugs & the F word), Walter Mitty & the Redford sailboat disaster. Stay tuned in the future for my thoughts on Mandella, Saving Mr Banks, the Coen Bros new flick & a few more.

So here’s  the deal. For 2014 I’ll really make an effort to lose a few pounds, drink a little less, exercise a little more & most of all try hard to be more positive, less opinionated (except for sports, movies & politicians)& less reactive. I welcome everyone to make an effort to do the same. I can’t promise but I think it might make all of us and the people around us nicer and more pleasant to relate to.

Have a happy, safe and positive New Year and future.