What does it means to be accountable?  Sadly, many people think accountability is something that belittles them, or that they are performing poorly.  And let’s face it – when things are going well people hardly ever ask, who is accountable for this success.  So, do we think of accountability as a consequence for a poor performance?

According to the Thesaurus accountability means “responsible to somebody for something.”   In view of this, let’s consider a new definition for accountability.  Something like:  “A personal choice that demonstrates ownership necessary for achieving the desired results.”  A definition such as this requires ownership for personal commitments and can help you and others to overcome difficult obstacles.

Let’s look at some steps to create a culture of accountability:

Set Clearly Defined Results

Defining clear results within your business is the first step towards creating a culture of accountability. A specific time frame for a delivery of product/service or a return on an investment, should be defined.  This must be communicated to all your managers, and employees. Everyone must know what they are working toward and how it leads to the company’s success. 

Management must generate joint accountability asssuring a team effort to achieve the targeted results.

Achieve Results, Rather Than Do The Job

You’ve heard a leader say many times, “ I don’t care how you do it.  Just get the job done!”  This mindset leads employees to believe if they perform their jobs they’ve done what is expected, whether or not the results have been achieved.

An effective leader works on the premise that their employees focus on meeting their goals.  They know how to manage and lead beyond the boundaries of their jobs thus inspiring them to get the job done.

Accountability For The Future

Once you assume full accountability for your thoughts, feelings, and actions you are in charge of your own destiny.  The true benefit and value of accountability comes form the ability to influence outcomes before they occur.  People gain much more by being proactive rather than reactive using accountability as a positive rather than a negative.

This new way of defining and looking at accountability can revitalize the character of the business, strengthen competitiveness, improve innovation and the overall quality of products/services produced by your business. And most important, It will increase the response you want from your customers.

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