Do you think you can make everyone happy?  The answer is NO!  If you are an individual or a business who struggles with perfection and living up to other people’s expectations you are not focusing and spending your efforts on living up to and exceeding your own.

Reality tells us there is always someone who judges, complains and only sees the negative.  There is always that someone who doubts what you are trying to accomplish.  There are always those critics that don’t like your service or product or what you believe.

“You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still somebody who hates peaches,” and that’s OK, states Dita Von Teese, Author, American burlesque dancer, costume designer and entrepreneur.

As a business owner you worry about stakeholders, vendors, employees, customers and competitors.  Yes, it’s important to listen to these people, but sometimes you might find their opinions are not in line with you and hinder your growth.  They may not have your vision, they are not aware of your goals, or they don’t have relevant information to help them make an educated opinion on how you should take your company forward.   Yes, you should listen, but at some point you are the one to make a decision that aligns with your vision and it’s important to stick to it!  If you are always second-guessing and looking over your shoulder to see what others are saying or worrying about their opinions you need to step back and review your goals.  If you focus on your vision, your purpose and take control you will be a leader vs. a follower. 

The Roart Group is focusing on our vision and goals for our future growth and we are moving to Florida.  In this changing and virtual world, it became apparent we can do business near and far and continue to serve our clients with quality and personalized service.  We know there will be some who question our move, but we are not second-guessing our decision, rather moving forward to achieve greater personal and business growth. 

We will be available 24/7 via Cell Phones, Texts, Emails, Skype, Facetime, Snail Mail, UPS, and FedEx.  And trips back North and across the Country to meet personally will be scheduled on a regular basis.

Our email addresses and tel. #’s will remain the same:

Arty: – 917-744-3661

Rosann: – 917-744-3660.