I ride my bike several times a week. I love the freedom of biking and the opportunity it gives me to experience another journey. I peddle through neighborhoods and communities where the landscape of each reflects the personality of those who live there. I venture to town squares surrounded by boutiques, restaurants, movie theaters and other unique shops. I never know where the daily adventure will take me, or the people I might meet….perhaps that’s what I enjoy most……the element of surprise!

Arty and I each have our favorite rides here in The Villages. He prefers riding the main thoroughfares and roundabouts bucking the traffic; I think that’s because it reminds him of his New York City biking experiences, while I like to combine the golf cart paths that are beautifully landscaped with palm trees, live oaks and other tropical shrubs and the heavily trafficked roads.

During a recent ride, I observed a few people gardening, trimming hedges, fertilizing their lawns while others were getting their golf equipment ready to play. This being an outdoor community, many were taking walks or jogging while others walked their dogs.

So you might wonder, why am I telling you this? Choices; we all make them. Some things we must do, other things we choose to do. We all make choices, and hopefully we make choices that are good for us and choose to do things we want to do. Whether it’s gardening, playing golf, riding a bike, walking your dog, we are choosing at that moment. Living in The Villages has opened my eyes to the myriad of choices we all have. I am living here almost two years and realize that if we open our minds and hearts we will make good choices, regardless how simple or complicated, to live a richer fuller life. Take some time, look at the choices you make and know if they are right for you…..you can have it all!

Till Next Time……Keep On Dancin’!