My wife has been after me (need I say nagging) to start blogging. Her argument is that I have lots of diversified interests (politics, sports, food, wine, family business, small business, restaurants) and experience (CPA, partner in charge of hospitality group & family business practice @ national firm, Chairman of 501(C)3 for Family Businesses, CEO of Latin ballroom dance studio, small business consultant etc) & should share with the world.

My response has been “who cares what I have to say?” or “who would read my nonsense?”. I humored my wife by starting to read blogs other people wrote just to see what it was all about. Among the blogs I read were those written by my daughter Tracy Bleier, & I started to understand why she went to the trouble and devoted so much time to blogging. She writes beautifully and her stuff is educational and entertaining.

So if she can do it, so can I.

My current major interest is sports. I eat & drink the Giants, the Mets & the Knicks. The problem is all 3 of those teams stink. My grandson wants to know how much longer he has to root for those losers. He’s ready to support a winner—think the UConn basketball teams.

Its easy to understand why I remain loyal to 3 teams who don’t win. I just don’t know any better and I’ve spent all of my life following & supporting these teams. It’s a habit & I’m not changing.

The business world is changing and if we are to succeed we must change. I’ve had to learn how to use stuff that didn’t exist when I started in business. Email, cell phones, social media, even computers & fax machines are among the inventions I’ve had to adapt to. As those of you who decide to follow me will learn my experiences in reaching the modern era have been difficult. After all, its hard to teach an old dog (that’s me) new tricks. But change I must so please stay tuned for my next blog. I promise real stuff not smoke & air.

Have a safe & happy holiday!