During a recent trip to San Francisco my husband, Arty and I decided to spend one day in Sausalito, an upscale “artsy” suburb of this historic city.  The sun was shining with a brisk breeze caressing my face as I sat on the upper deck of the ferry gazing at the Golden Gate Bridge en route.  I smiled as Tony Bennett’s voice resonated in my head, “I left my heart in San Francisco.”   As we pulled into the dock, I was reminded  of years back when we’d rent a bicycle for two and pedal across this famous bridge so we were familiar with the restaurants and galleries lining Main Street.

We headed for one of our old favorite restaurants, facing the harbor, for lunch.  I observed Arty’s enjoyment as he devoured the Crab Louis, a specialty.  Feeling satiated, we were ready to gallery hop and enjoy the pleasures of this charming community lined with palm trees and filled with history.

Memories of our earlier visits flooded my mind when we entered a gallery where we had purchased one of our favorite paintings 25 years ago.  Where did the years go,I thought as we talked with the owner who remembered the artist of whom we spoke.

We continued our walk browsing windows filled with items for tourists making sure not to  miss any galleries as we always enjoy learning about new artists.  As we viewed a special exhibit of prints of the characters from Dr. Seuss, we learned of his history and that he wrote his first book, Sam I Am on a bet.

After enjoying waffle ice cream cones filled with the most delicious flavors; espresso with chocolate chips and coconut caramel with macadamia nuts, we headed toward the dock to get the ferry back.  Small business mediators in Norwalk who are ready to help you

But there was one more stop – a chic clothing store going out of business.  While we browsed the racks and shelves looking for specials a woman with an accent approached me.  She was originally from Chile – outside of Santiago.  She owned the store in Sausalito for 40 years.  “Why are you closing?” I asked.  “It’s time to enjoy, it’s time to step back and enjoy everything life has to offer before it’s too late,” she said.  She’s going home, back to Chile, where she can enjoy her quality of life stress free.  Not quite 60, she wants to enjoy every moment while she can. Her husband, a lawyer, retired 2 years ago.  He too, doesn’t want to wait, but wants to live in the now.  Having been an entrepreneur she paid her dues, she knows what it takes to run a business, but also recognizes there is more to life.

Both Arty and I listened.  We understood very well. Life is filled with challenges.  We don’t know what tomorrow will bring.  Our trip to San Francisco was to attend a memorial service for a family member.  It was sad, yet opened our eyes to the power of living in the moment.

Arty’s mantra has been, “it’s always about the money!”  But is it really only about the money?  How do we define our lives? Around the money?  Or is there something more? Are we workaholics or do we balance our lives with simple pleasures and acknowledge what we want?  Do we make decisions based on fear or take the risk?  These can be tough questions but must be addressed if we are to live the life we truly want.

Life is a journey.  A journey of hills and valleys – from one moment to the next we never know what to expect.

What are we waiting for?  Give this some thought and ask yourself, why wait?

Reflect, breathe and take in life’s pleasures;  a walk on the beach, a bike ride, smell the flowers.  Find your passion, fulfill your dreams and enjoy the power of now!

Happy Mother’s Day!

“Keep on dancin!”

Till next time…..