Trends That Affect Successful Marketing

As the New Year upon us it’s time to review your marketing plan strategies and take a look at the current trends that could affect the success of your restaurant.

With the world being dictated by the web, it’s most important to accept internet marketing and nurture your online presence.  Yelp is the new yellow pages, and search engines and online reviews trigger your customer’s decision.  Reading online menus add to choices being made as to whether or not they will dine at your restaurant.   Not to say you should skip some traditional advertising or word of mouth, but recognize the importance and opportunities presented online.  Check your competition and google similar restaurants.  Note where you rank and if you’ve even made the first page.  Who will your customers choose?  Rather than lose out to your competition, seek ways to increase and market your online presence.  As we know the importance of internet marketing, we are sharing the following tips:

              Be current – Stay up to date on current stats, trends, facts and figures that help analyze your marketing plan. Make necessary tweaks and position your restaurant accordingly.

            Your Website Must Be User Friendly – Make it easy for your customers to find you online.  Be sure you are well optimized so your customers find your site first.  List daily specials, write a food blog and use your social media platforms to direct customers to you.

            SEO Involvement – Implement your internet marketing by using search engine optimization.  The internet is not only for the big “guys” anymore.  – 72% of all searches are related to a search for local restaurants, you want to be 100% sure your website will show up in the search.

            Local Food Bloggers – Invite a local food blogger to dine with you in exchange for a review.  The positive review will help your reputation and the link will add to your rankings.

            Monitor Online Reviews – Your reputation will live or die on reviews – so listen carefully to what people are saying online.

            Online Reservations – Offer customers to reserve online – Open Table is an option – The key is to make it simple.

            Email Database – Build your email database.  Email marketing is efficient, environmentally friendly and a quick and easy way to keep your customers informed.

            Social Media Platforms – It’s a must to have social media presence ie; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Foursquares etc.  This keeps your name visible not only to customers but to new diners as well – and target your audience.

Other things to consider:  hold contests, have a reward/loyalty program, change up your menu periodically, and ask your regular customers to like you on Facebook, follow you on Twitter and Pinterest and spread the word.

There are so many great options to market your restaurant today and keep your customers satisfied while attracting new diners.

Contact us if you have questions, or issues.  We’ll help you make more money!  Additionally, we can create a marketing campaign that is designed for greater success.