Do you have a training program for your waitstaff?  Or, is this something you are unsure of and only address when problems arise?  There are many variables that affect the success of a restaurant and one of them is having a properly trained waitstaff.  If you are not the one to do the training then be sure you have someone on staff who does.

When implementing a training program there are a few things to consider.  Whether the new hire has experience or not, my suggestion is to treat each new employee as if they are learning their job for the first time and start from there.  If you deem they have more experience, you are apt to skim through the training and less likely to teach the working system of your restaurant and what you expect.

To get you started, check the following tips…..

1.  Be Organized – List the priorities – If you would like a list, please contact and the list will be sent to you.

2. Shadowing – Have the trainee “shadow” one of your experienced waitstaff employees.

3. Answer Questions – Regardless of how naïve a question might seem, be sure to answer respectfully.

4. Ask Questions – This is the best way for a new server to learn – engage them and ask them to describe certain dishes for you.  Don’t shy away from putting them on the spot.  You must teach them to be prepared so when caught off guard they know how to respond.

5. Role Play – Go through a dry run as if you are the customer – Have them go through taking a table order.  This will help to correct any bad habits and minimize any mistakes.

6. Shadow Them – Once they have completed the training it’s important to see them in action.  At the end of their shift go over where they need improvement, if any, and note their strengths and weaknesses.

7.  Give Them Space – If you observe the new hire catching on quickly, give them the opportunity to do the job on their own.  Let them make a few mistakes as long as it doesn’t effect your customer’s experience.  Observe them from a distance and make comments accordingly.  This is the best way to get a sense of their work ethic.

8. Spoil the Customers – Each restaurant has their own way of spoiling their customers.  It might be offering a free drink, or comp a dessert.  Whatever it is, teach your waitstaff how you want the customers to be treated.  It is important that all your employees live up to the standards of your restaurant.

This is an overview of a basic waitstaff training program.  It demonstrates how to get the best possible service from your waitstaff that will keep your customers coming back.

If you want more detailed information on this training program contact to schedule your complimentary consultation.