Throughout our careers we’ve been advocates for change.  We believe that change, when planned for, is a good thing.  It’s an opportunity to try something new, different, interesting and challenging.

After much thought and deliberation we are about to make a major change in our lives and start a new adventure.  We have lived in the New York metropolitan area for our entire lives.  Long Island, Queens, Manhattan and Fairfield County, Ct. have been the addresses of our numerous homes and businesses. On September 15 we will reunite with dear friends of almost 50 years, Dick & Jane, and are moving to Central Florida – (1hour from Tampa and Orlando).

We are NOT abandoning our clients, friends, family and others.  Arty plans on making as many trips north as necessary and will continue to provide unique, high quality, personal service to our clients – whether you are monthly, quarterly, consulting or tax clients our hands on service will continue to be there   And of course, we will be available 24/7 virtually via Skype, Facetime, Texts, Emails, Snail Mail, FedEx, UPS, etc. and Cell Phones.

Our email addresses and tel #’s will remain the same:

Arty: – 917-744-3661

Rosann: – 917-744-3660

We are looking forward to our next great adventure.  Our new home offers endless activities from 30 golf courses – Arty will take a refresher course and revive his game – maybe he’ll be the next Jordan Spieth! – 50 swimming pools and many recreational clubs dealing with every activity imaginable.  There’s even a New York Mets Club so Arty will continue to get his Mets “fix” with new friends.  Arty has already ordered tickets to the Giant – Buccaneer game being played in Tampa November 8.   And Spring Training will be on his calendar too!

With much anticipation we are ready to embark on a new and healthier lifestyle that will enhance our lives and add to the enjoyment of our “golden years!”

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns or comments.  We look forward to continuing the many quality relationships we’ve enjoyed through the years.

Rosann & Arty