I’m not sure why I haven’t written my blog since last May, perhaps I had writer’s block, or maybe I was caught up in the lazy hazy days of summer.  Regardless of why, I am back and I am excited to continue where I left off; bringing attention to the issues that we face in business and in life.

My granddaughter started on her new journey and began her freshman year at Duke University.  She shared the President’s invocation with me and  I was blown away.  He told the students in order to be happy they need to be invested, and engaged, as being engaged is the precondition to learning and growth.  He continued by saying, “the things that inspire your deep participation are the things that expand and transform you.”

In letting his speech resonate with me, I realized that his message doesn’t only apply to college freshman but to all of us.  We must take time and look at what inspires each of us -and as the President of Duke said,  “do we follow our passions or use another variant and let our passions follow us?”

So whether you’ve discovered your passions or your passions have discovered you, take action toward fulfilling your dreams and live the life you deserve.  Take control of your destiny and make change. Embrace your fear, take the risk and make choices that guide you to business and personal success.

It was 50 years ago that Dr. Martin Luther King had a dream.  His words changed the world and his legacy lives and will live on forever.  So keep dreaming, let your passions find you, follow your inner most desires and be inspired in spite of the challenges, and allow yourself to embark on a journey you never thought imaginable.


Till next time….Keep on Dancin’