Family Business Bonding
During the Holidays

Family togetherness is greater during the holiday season with families and extended families spending more time together than any other time of the year.  Unfortunately sometimes this creates tension.  To help families enjoy the holiday season, have less stress, and have more fun we recommend a few tips to assure a more positive family experience; for family members and members of the business family.

Look at past holiday get-togethers.  What unexpected events helped to insure a great time and what events etc. have put a damper on the enjoyment of your family being together?  Focus on the positive and increase the odds of having a stress free gathering by asking some of the invited family members to help design the festivities that everyone enjoyed in past years.

Think about the family members that seem to push all your buttons.  We all have them in our families.  Manage your negative feelings by doing an “appreciation exercise.” Be alone with your thoughts and list at least 20 things that your like and appreciate about the person.  This will help remove the negative and increase your positive feelings.  This tip might not ever make you best buddies, but will remove some of the tensions between you and enable your to act in the best interest of the family.

Being in the same room during family gatherings can create tension.  Sometimes the place for the family party can trigger these negative reactions.  It might be helpful if a few of the family members get together and agree on a neutral place for the holiday festivities.  Set some ground rules ie; invitations of non-family friends, sleeping arrangements among unmarried persons, limit alcohol consumption, user friendly for children, seniors, and noise level.  The purpose for communicating ground rules is to create an environment that has boundaries and structure so everyone knows what to expect.  This is a good step to maintaining good communication and respect the needs and wishes of all family members.

Recognizing this is easier said than done, but can be helpful in insuring a peaceful, friendly, and successful family holdiay gatherings.

The Roart Group wishes you and your family a very happy holiday and joyous new year.