We just celebrated Memorial Day weekend. Whether you spent time with family enjoying a holiday BBQ, picnicking in the park, or taking a leisurely boat ride with friends, Memorial Day weekend was a time to relax, recharge, & regroup. It was a time to enjoy and get us ready for new opportunities that come our way.

So many of us are unhappy at work, but are afraid to make change. The unknown can be frightening, yet if we don’t explore our passions, fulfill our dreams we are missing out.

Take a moment to reread the quote by Steve Jobs and let it sink in. His words “Don’t settle,” stay with me. Yes, we all deal with life’s challenges, but that shouldn’t stop us from reinventing ourselves and continue to seek new opportunities.

I have had many careers, from working in the travel industry, to promoting my husband’s boutique accounting firm, to owning and operating a not for profit organization for family owned businesses, to owning a Latin ballroom dance studio in the heart of Soho NYC. Presently, I am partners with my husband Arty in The Roart Group, a strategic advisory firm. I love working together, growing our business, and helping entrepreneurs and family business owners achieve desired success.

Hopefully this weekend allowed you to relax, search your soul and face your truths. Ask yourself this question,”Am I happy?” If you answered no, make a list of your likes/dislikes and focus on what you believe will make you happy. If it’s a new job, or moving to a new home, or possibly relocate, open your heart and mind to the endless possibilities and don’t settle!

I have chosen not to settle and allow my heart and mind to guide me. My move to Florida has opened new doors with endless possibilities and I intend to walk though them!

Until next time,

Keep on Dancin’!