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Marketing Your Family Business Through Storytelling

When is the last time you have been mesmerized by a good story?  Was it a book you recently read?  Did a colleague who shared their family business success story compel you?  Regardless, stories can change our thought process.  It can make you look at your family business culture entirely differently.  We all have […]

Questions To Ask Your Tax Preparer

Questions To Ask Your Tax Preparer
When considering a tax preparer to prepare your taxes there are a few questions you should ask before agreeing to go forward.  Questions should include; how long have they been preparing tax returns?  What kind of training have they had? Are they familiar with new tax laws?  Are they […]

Trends That Affect Succesful Marketing

Trends That Affect Successful Marketing
As the New Year upon us it’s time to review your marketing plan strategies and take a look at the current trends that could affect the success of your restaurant.
With the world being dictated by the web, it’s most important to accept internet marketing and nurture your online presence.  Yelp […]

Record Retention

Record Retention
What To Save – What To Throw Out
With the New Year upon us, what better time to clean “house.” It’s a good time to think about disposing of the boxes of files, receipts and other financial records that you have accumulated throughout the years and are collecting dust!
The general rule is that you […]

Family Bonding During Holidays

Family Business Bonding
During the Holidays
Family togetherness is greater during the holiday season with families and extended families spending more time together than any other time of the year.  Unfortunately sometimes this creates tension.  To help families enjoy the holiday season, have less stress, and have more fun we recommend a few tips to assure […]

Drive Profits Through Holiday Menus

Drive Profits Through Holiday Menus
The holiday season is a great time to design and offer specialty menus for the harried shopper and those wanting to celebrate the holidays with friends and family.  You can also promote holiday parties and have the chef develop some new seasonal favorites to draw in a crowd.
Whether you have […]

Small Business Marketing Tips For The Holiday

Small Business Marketing Tips For The Holiday
In order to launch a profitable marketing campaign this holiday season, it’s important to begin your marketing now.  Develop your planning, roll it out, and you will maximize your profits this holiday season. Use these following tips as your guide. 
1. Repetition – repetition sells, so market frequently by […]

Did Your Know -Average Small Business Tax Penalty

Small Business Average Tax Penalty
Did you know the average tax penalty small businesses pay to the IRS is $845?   According to the IRS 40% of small businesses pay this penalty for incorrect payroll filings and payments.  And…. the top 3 penalties for not making federal tax deposits timely are:

Failure to deposit — penalty […]

Creatively Manage A Family Business

Creatively Manage A Family Business
All businesses deal with daily challenges of running a business, but family business owners deal with unique challenges and if they are not addressed quickly it will drastically affect the success and continuity. The stakes are high with relationships and assets at great risk if they are not managed.

The family […]

Did You Know – 80% – 90% Businesses Family Owned

80% – 90% of All Businesses In America Are
Family Owned
Did you know family owned businesses make up 80% – 90% of all businesses in the USA?  Family businesses are responsible for 60% of employment in the United States – 78% of all new jobs, and 65% of all wages paid.  And there are […]