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The Roart Group Is Moving!

Throughout our careers we’ve been advocates for change.  We believe that change, when planned for, is a good thing.  It’s an opportunity to try something new, different, interesting and challenging.

After much thought and deliberation we are about to make a major change in our lives and start a new adventure.  We have lived in […]

Training Your Waitstaff

Do you have a training program for your waitstaff?  Or, is this something you are unsure of and only address when problems arise?  There are many variables that affect the success of a restaurant and one of them is having a properly trained waitstaff.  If you are not the one to do the training […]

The Value of Referrals

Is your business growing?  Are you getting referrals?  90% of people across the country said they are more than likely to trust the recommendations from people they have established relationships and they know.  This statistic is higher than any other form of advertising, according to a market research study done recently by The Nielson Company.  […]

Food Trucks – Do They Whet Your Appetite?

In today’s world, a new generation of food lovers are lining up at food trucks to enjoy their favorite foods.    This is not new to the streets of American cities, yet the food truck business is enjoying great notoriety.

You might wonder why……Well many claim this industry is growing in response to a sluggish economy.  […]

Is Your Business Ready For Expansion?

Do you want to take your business to the next level?  Do you want to open another location?

When you started your business, you wrote a plan, did some research and possibly worked with a specialist to help get you up and running. Additionally you made an investment of time, money and sweat equity.

All of […]

Are You Making Good Decisions?

According to Wikipedia decision making is one of the central activities of management and is a huge part of any process of implementation. It is a process that produces a final choice that may or may not prompt action/s.

With this in mind decision makers must consider a myriad of factors before coming to a […]

Family Business & Boundaries

Successful relationships are made up of two people, both of whom have a clear sense of self. In a family business this can be tricky as each member plays a different role that creates “boundary confusion.”

When you look at a famiy business, where do most conflicts really start? Ultimately they start with the boundary […]

Are You Accountable?

As a business owner, are you accountable?  Do you take responsibility for your actions?  Most of us do not like to be accountable, as we tend to feel it restricts us, yet if we resist being accountable we risk losing focus and clarity of our mission as a leader.
Being accountable means answering to someone […]

Is Your Business Cash Starved?

You can grow a company that delivers the best customer service, has good sales, and from the outside it appears as if you are extremely successful, but are you?  If your business is constantly fighting for cash flow it is under duress and financial stress.  Cash flow is the fuel of your business. If […]

Business Valuation: Why You Need One!

Business Valuation:  Why You Need One!
We know how much our car is worth from the popular automotive Blue Book. We know the value of our house as it is recorded at the local assessors office. Consumer Reports provides data on pricing to help you negotiate the best deals on everything from golf clubs to […]