Recently someone asked a word that best describes me.  Words like compassionate, empathetic, trustworthy and loyal came to mind, but one word stood out more than any other – adaptability! 

My adaptability was my mother’s legacy. Regardless of the situation, she always went with the “flow.”  It is her joie de vive that lives on within me.  She was an entrepreneur before it was fashionable, owned an antique shop, The Gift Horse, where she befriended her customers, entered local politics in her senior years, travelled the world having no budget, and always made the best out of negative situations.

As I reflect on her memory, I am thankful for her gift, thankful I can adapt, as it has opened many doors for me.  It has given me opportunities to grow, to learn, to appreciate, and to expand my horizons.  It takes away my fear and opens doors for empowerment.  It removes judgment, and allows for acceptance.  It enables me to make change, tackle challenges that lead to new found successes.

My adaptability has led me to seek new ventures and once again, I am starting a new career.  Having been vetted through a phone interview, I have been invited by Vistage International to take their training to become an Executive Coach and Chair for a peer to peer small business roundtable.  The process is empowering, but anxiety provoked as I still must meet their criteria and be selected.

This company has been around since 1957 helping CEO’s and small business owners improve their quality of life both in business and personally. I want to be selected and be a part of the 18,000 Chairs across the country.  The thought alone is empowering and I will adapt to fit their business model.

Are you adaptable?  Let me hear from you and tell me how your adaptability leads your to new adventures and success.