The RoArt Group offers in-depth workshops on a range of topics impacting family business owners and restaurateurs.


Rosann & Arthur Levy presenting

 “Separating The Bedroom From The Boardroom”

The interactive program enlightened attendees with tips, suggestions, and family business stories on how to separate family issues from business issues.   They discussed the family system vs the business system, how to maintain effective communication, respect, boundaries, and more.  The program concluded with telling the attendees the importance of instituting policies around salaries, when to hire, when to fire, job descriptions, planning for succession and having a family business charter in place to be adhered to by the board of directors.

The Roart Group is pleased to offer workshops, programs or roundtable discussions to meet the needs of the members of your organization.  Contact to schedule.

Check the list of suggested topics.

Family Business

  • War & Peace – Effective Communication in Family Relationships
  • Not All In the Family: Managing Key Non Family Employees
  • Family Business – Linking One Generation To the Next
  • Avoiding the Family Business Crisis
  • Joined at the Hip – Surviving a Home & Work Relationship
  • Which Comes First….The Family or The Business?
  • Separating the Bedroom From The Boardroom Partners In Life – Partners In Business

Small Business/Hospitality Marketing Tax Issues

  • GO ON OFFENSE….Tackle Your Way To Business Success!
  • Close Sales, Reduce Expenses, Feed Your Bottom Line
  • Financial Management For Small Business
  • Controlling Cash Flow
  • Navigating Your Relationship With Your Banker
  • How To Hire A Professional
  • What Is Your Business Worth?
  • Maximizing Profitability
  • Serving Up Trends


  • High Impact Low Cost Promotion
  • Networking: Your Blueprint for Business Survival
  • From Fear To Fire (Inspirational)

Tax Issues

  • Prepping Your Business for Tax Season
  • The 10 Most Common Tax Planning Mistakes That Cost You Money